One of the most fabulous tourist attraction destinations around the world in Alabama. The region will give you an enjoyable gateway with someone who is special to you or your whole family. Alabama is an excellent place as it offers marvelous attractions right from the several beaches in the Gulf Coast to the mountains that are in the north. This state provides a broad range of world-class golf courses, exotic natural wildlife, and pristine sandy beaches.

Some people in the region refer to the state of Alabama as the Yellowhammer because of the state of the bird. In the Alabamian tribe language, the word Alabama means town. It is among the oldest States in the United States that exhibits a varied and rich background. The primary occupation of these people up to the nineteenth century was agriculture. However, Alabama rapidly developed as a commercial center with education, scientific centers, and mining as its main industries immediately after the second world war.  The African-Americans got the voting right in 1960 after the Civil Right Movement, and this created a significant political change.

The State of Alabama has a broad range of tourism attractions and spectacular sightseeing that will certainly guarantee you a memorable trip. You can easily visit any of the beaches in Alabama if you want to get away from the bustle and hustle that form the busy urban life. The Alabama beaches are among the hottest tourist spots for several families and couples that want to have some break and rest from the busy life.

Most people enjoy visiting the Gulf Coast beaches because of the exhibit white sand with crystal clear and sparkling water. Another famous destination for family vacations in Alabama is the Orange Beach. You will find specialty shores with hotels and restaurants and a broad range of shops in the Gulf Shores. The Gulf shores will give you an opportunity of diving into the deep sea for swimming or fishing. The whole shore area has several attractions, and you can be sure that there is no boredom as you visit this marvelous place.

The location or Orange beach is a few miles drive from the Gulf Shores. You will ideally find this beautiful beach on the Gulf Coast Baldwin County. The destination has several exciting activities that you can enjoy like catching and releasing the tropical fishes that are so abundant in this place.  It is a great snorkeling place and you should not miss the pleasure to enjoy if you have an interest in the Gulf Shores.

The other must-visit attraction of this state is the Museum of East Alabama. The place houses some of the most exciting artifacts that embody the life of the people of southeast and East Alabama. The other attractions of the state include the Center of Dixie Railroad Museum, the Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens, and the Sports Hall of Fame among others.

Also, Alabama exhibits some of the most fascinating festivals and events in the United States. These activities attract several visitors from all parts of the world. Some of the festivals that are worth watching include the Alabama National Fair, City Stage 20, and the National Shrimp Festival.