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Getting the Best of New Jersey

Are you planning to have your family vacation at Connecticut or New York? You could think about visiting the southern part of this Tri-state region. The main areas of New Jersey include the Western Delaware River, South Shore, and the New Jersey region of Skylands. The districts have the astonishing parks of New Jersey, snowcapped mountains, and the rich historical culture of the area. You can visit this region all year round.

  • High in The Sky-Land Region

The highest point in the famous Skylands region ascends at 1803 feet. The towering monument marks the highest point in the state park. The neighboring areas provide dozens of walking trails that you can explore during the warm months and several winter world-class skiing.

The mountain Creek Resort located in the Vernon Valley is among the best resorts of the region. It will take you only one hour from the famous George Washington Bridge increasing its proximity to New York. This strategic location enhances its popularity to the people who are in the other tri-state regions. There are more than 170 acres for the ski sports and 19 terrain park trails. You will also find a gigantic Super Pipe and several tubing lanes that are complete with the stadium lights.

  • Wild of Wildwood

You can head down southwards to the Wildwood if you want to have fun in the sun. The leading Wildwood attractions that should not miss out on your list include the fine amusement parks of New Jersey, Wildwood beach, and Doo-Wop hotels.

If you want to be sure that you have all the energy to get wild in your amusement rides, you have to check into a nice hotel. Immerse yourself in the Wildwood culture and check into the authentically preserved Doo-Wop hotel before you begin to search for the latest five-star cookie-cutter complex.

Doo-Wop hotels have plastic palm trees that are wildlife attractions in their own right. However, for some additional authenticity, you can head downwards to the Wildwood beach. The region was recently voted to be the best beach in New Jersey. The beach is child-friendly and is under full patrol during the summer. The beautiful thing about this beach is the fact that it is free and you don’t need any beach tags.

The fact that you choose to visit the New Jersey Amusement Parks will make your head to spin. Everyone can have a ride as it is situated right off the beach. Toddler will enjoy the Mini Teacups, and Kiddie Train as the bigger kids head for nuts at the famous Formula one Raceway. The entire family will enjoy the riding on the Ferris wheel.

After covering what you can manage on the New Jersey amusement parks, you can stroll along several boardwalks as you pick up some Saltwater Taffy for sugar that is hit with a decent dose of nostalgia.

The Wicked West

For some people, the New Jersey amusement park is not just their thing and prefer to go on a journey west. The Western section of New Jersey which is the Delaware River region has so much to offer to the visitors. Some people refer to it as ‘Crossroads of the Revolution’ and this region recorded close to 00 Revolution War battles between 1776 to 1783. Besides, the Delaware River was the famous site for the overnight crossing of George Washington from Pennsylvanian for surprising the New Jersey Hessian Soldiers. The George Washington Crossing state is currently at this crossing site. The park has several historical exhibits that entertain both the young and the old.

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Alabama: A Captivating Travel and Vacation Destination For All

One of the most fabulous tourist attraction destinations around the world in Alabama. The region will give you an enjoyable gateway with someone who is special to you or your whole family. Alabama is an excellent place as it offers marvelous attractions right from the several beaches in the Gulf Coast to the mountains that are in the north. This state provides a broad range of world-class golf courses, exotic natural wildlife, and pristine sandy beaches.

Some people in the region refer to the state of Alabama as the Yellowhammer because of the state of the bird. In the Alabamian tribe language, the word Alabama means town. It is among the oldest States in the United States that exhibits a varied and rich background. The primary occupation of these people up to the nineteenth century was agriculture. However, Alabama rapidly developed as a commercial center with education, scientific centers, and mining as its main industries immediately after the second world war.  The African-Americans got the voting right in 1960 after the Civil Right Movement, and this created a significant political change.

The State of Alabama has a broad range of tourism attractions and spectacular sightseeing that will certainly guarantee you a memorable trip. You can easily visit any of the beaches in Alabama if you want to get away from the bustle and hustle that form the busy urban life. The Alabama beaches are among the hottest tourist spots for several families and couples that want to have some break and rest from the busy life.

Most people enjoy visiting the Gulf Coast beaches because of the exhibit white sand with crystal clear and sparkling water. Another famous destination for family vacations in Alabama is the Orange Beach. You will find specialty shores with hotels and restaurants and a broad range of shops in the Gulf Shores. The Gulf shores will give you an opportunity of diving into the deep sea for swimming or fishing. The whole shore area has several attractions, and you can be sure that there is no boredom as you visit this marvelous place.

The location or Orange beach is a few miles drive from the Gulf Shores. You will ideally find this beautiful beach on the Gulf Coast Baldwin County. The destination has several exciting activities that you can enjoy like catching and releasing the tropical fishes that are so abundant in this place.  It is a great snorkeling place and you should not miss the pleasure to enjoy if you have an interest in the Gulf Shores.

The other must-visit attraction of this state is the Museum of East Alabama. The place houses some of the most exciting artifacts that embody the life of the people of southeast and East Alabama. The other attractions of the state include the Center of Dixie Railroad Museum, the Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens, and the Sports Hall of Fame among others.

Also, Alabama exhibits some of the most fascinating festivals and events in the United States. These activities attract several visitors from all parts of the world. Some of the festivals that are worth watching include the Alabama National Fair, City Stage 20, and the National Shrimp Festival.

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Why Puerto Rico Is the Ultimate Vacation Destination

Travel is the best education and best way to make new friends. Never underestimate the power of travel because besides pumping dollars into communities, it helps people see the truth and have an open mind. Despite the past devastation due to natural disasters, Puerto Rico remains the gem of the Caribbean. Popularly known as the Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico has been captivating travelers from all over the world for its tropical climate, traditional cuisine, diverse culture, beautiful landscape, warm people and intriguing cities. There’s not a single reason why you should not visit. If you’ve never thought of visiting Puerto Rico, here are seven reasons why you need to start planning a trip to Puerto Rico this vacation.    

Beautiful Old Architecture

Having been under Spain’s rule for centuries, the old Spanish roots can be felt anywhere. Walking down the streets of Old San Juan will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a foregone era. The brightly painted homes, cobblestone streets and the historical architecture in this city are a must visit. Go to the second oldest cathedral in the Americas and worship as you take countless photographs of the city’s amazing buildings afterwards.

Breathtaking Beaches

With over 230 miles of coastline, Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for water lovers. The Flamenco Beach is often cited as one of the best beaches in the world. Whether you want to scuba dive, snorkel or just relax in the clear blue waves, Puerto Rico should be your travel destination this vacation.  

Perfect Weather

Even the name Puerto Rico invokes images of sunshine and perfect weather. You can plan a trip to Puerto Rico because it has moderate temperatures year-round. If you’re wondering where to head to when winter arrives, this is the perfect destination with lots of sunshine, blue skies and a cool ocean breeze. With its Caribbean climate, you can be sure that it lives up to your expectations.

Rich Culture

Although Puerto Rico may be part of America, it feels exotic over there. Puerto Rico’s culture is a fusion of African, Spanish and Taino Indian influences. There’s nowhere to find such a lively mix other than during the Puerto Rico’s festivals. Get to learn the Puerto Rican tradition and enjoy the outdoor markets in this travel destination.

Try the Local Food

The cuisine in Puerto Rico will make you wonder why any other food exists in the first place. Despite being part of the US, Puerto Rico has held fast to its traditional recipes and preserved its rich culture. The Puerto Rican cuisine will satisfy your taste with an amazing and exotic blend of flavors. Regardless of your taste, there is something interesting to find in this country.

Diverse Landscapes Abound

Did you know that El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the US? With over 28,000 acres, the forest is home to thousand unique plant and animal species. This is one of the great destination for adventurers who want to take scenic hiking trails. You can also go to the Puerto Rico’s three bioluminescent bays for a magical experience. The water is filled with micro-organisms that give off a blue-green light and it illuminates when touched.

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