Traveling with your kids can be exciting, but many people face trouble while choosing a great destination in India. Since India is vast and modes of traveling can be uncomfortable at times, you may have to go for the unknown or nearby destinations every time you plan for a holiday with your children. But the fact is that you will lose out on a lot on what the country can offer to you and your children. What is the solution? Should you remain ignorant and let children go to destinations that are monotonous. India is a very interesting destination, and growing children deserve to see the hues of the country

Kashmir, Jammu, and Kashmir

For reasons that are obvious, Kashmir is a top contender on the list because there is a lot that children can learn from there. Unparalleled beauty can be on top of the things that will have to catch the eyes of your kids but when you take them to different places and giving an explanation why these places are crucial. Your children will realize why they are fortunate to get to this destination. Seeing simple lifestyles of Kashmiris and attachments to their land despite the tribulations will give your children different outlooks in life. And, they will also get the chance of staying in the houseboat, visit tulip gardens, ski in Gulmarg, and do horse riding in Aru valley. They will get the best experiences during the holiday.

Puri, Odisha

No, it is not necessary to be following a particular faith to visit Puri. It is a very prominent site in Char Dham India and offers so much regarding rich architectural heritage. It has blessings of a serene beach which is very clean and several buildings including the Jagganath Temple; this place has to be on the list of making your children understand the history of the country. The places of interest are Puri beach market, Puri beach, Loknath Temple, Jagganath Temple, Chilika Lake, and Raghurajpur Artist village. When with children, you can try seafood, sunset view at the beach, visit Konark Temple, Visit the Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary, and taste the Prasadam of Jagganath temple.

Aurangabad, Maharashtra

As the best parent, you have to give children education what the curriculum of schooling does not provide and the true belief is that the best way of doing it is by making them travel to several places. In the country like India where multiplicity plays a crucial role, you impart a crucial deal of knowledge to children which is helpful through their lives. Therefore, moving forward on the list, you need to add Aurangabad to the places you need to visit with children in India. This location in Maharashtra possesses monuments can interest children.

The famous second century BC Ellora caves and Ajanta are places where children will be interested. Aside from this, Bibi Ka Maqbara, which looks like Taj Mahal is found here. The Kham River can be a location to take children after a tough day. Interesting places to visit are Mhaismal, Jayakwadi Dam, Sunheri Mahal, Dnyashewar Udyan, Guatemala Sanctuary, Panch Chakki Khuldabad, Pitalkhora, Daulatabad, Ellora caves, and Ajanta caves. The things you can do with children include visiting Ellora caves and Ajanta, wildlife tour to the Guatemala Sanctuary, camp at Sharnapur, Bird sanctuary, and bird watching at the Salim Ali Lake.