Most people keep on wondering when is the best time for visiting the fall colors of Michigan. The annual seasonal show generally peaks in stages by starting at the top of the state on the upper side of the Peninsula which is the first to experience cold conditions before moving southwards. You will usually find the peak color on the U.P between mid-September to early October; in the northern Lower Peninsula from late September to mid-October. In mid-Michigan, it ranges from early to mid-October and in southern Lower Michigan; it’s from mid-October to late October. However, color patters greatly depend on the weather among other factors such as the lake-effect warming that delays the color changes near the inland Water Snowlines and the Great Lakes. Moreover, exposed hills or cooler valleys may realize faster color changes.

As the days trend shorter and move towards autumn, and the daylight hours dwindle, leaves are not able to generate a lot of chlorophyll. The soft tissues in the leaf stems becomes harder and reduces the leaf nutrients. This forces the green color when still orange, yellow, and colors emerge. The yellow, orange, and red colors that are seen in leaves during the autumn are always available but the large amounts of chlorophyll during the months of summer overpower the leaves with the green color. 0722689536

Some of the conditions that favor brilliant autumn leaf color include a moist summer growing season that is followed by a dry and warm autumn days that have cool overnight temperatures. There are no freeing or frost temperatures. The freezing temperatures at night can make the soft membranes of the leaf stems to burst. This makes the stem to brittle allowing the leaf to prematurely fall off. Most people like to use this season to get the best treatment from the salons in Brighton Mi.

Drought that comes early during the growing season, early summer and spring may harden part of the stem hence forcing the stem to drop off early in autumn before the full color. The significant rains of the fall tend to mute the colors due to insufficient sunlight that reduces the ability of trees to manufacture less season food. Extremely cold morning temperatures and gusty winds will force the leaves to fall prematurely. These are the conditions you expect to find on the ground when you travel to Michigan in the autumn.

You could be wondering the number of tree species that are in the Michigan Autumn and their colors. The season is characterized with close to 150 different tree species that occupy an area of 18.6 million acres. The state has a colorful mix of oranges, golds, reds, and yellows. Some of these most beautiful colors are exhibited by hardwoods like oak, sumac, birch, maple, and aspen. When you combine this with the evergreen forest background, it results into one of the best shows in the nation.

Therefore, the Michigan autumn has one of the best looks in the region. Women integrate this with a fabulous look from the best salons in Brighton Mi. Therefore, both nature and people will be shining throughout the day.